Saturday, June 16, 2007

Happy Campo-B-Day

So I am 25!!! Wow, a quarter of a dollar old, although, I like the perspective presented to me by Aj: "You can know rent cars for cheap!" That made me feel great, although, considering my volunteer position, I doubt that I can afford to really rent a car at any age-given rate.

What happened on this very day, while in La Union? To start it off, one of the young moms in the community came and surprised me in the morning as I laid on the hammock. She handed me her gorgeous baby and without hesitation and much joy, she cracked an egg on my head! It was gross and funny, but more gross than funny. I got up and had to take a cold shower way earlier than planned and dedicated a good 10 minutes to scrubbing my scalp and picking out the eggshells. I figured I was already going to have a unique 25 since I was away from a city, from home, friends and family, so I went with the flow and figured that I might as well have a full appreciation of my day of birth (egg or no egg).

In any case, my daring egg-breaker friend also baked a cake in my honor. I still have not figured out how they manage to bake cakes without ovens and have vowed not to leave this place until I develop some non-electrodomesticated baking techniques. It was a delicious cake with white swirls all around. I was a bit worried about the size of it since I could have eaten the entire pie on my own and there were more people showing up at our house as the afternoon approached.

So I spent my birthday with about 25-30 folks from the community who came to share about 2cm of a 18cm cake with some gaseosa (soda;pop) and enjoy a few evangelical birthday songs. The music was made possible thanks to Pedro who brought his bible and his guitar to say a blessing in my honor and sing some happy-clapping birthday canciones! I never expected to have such an experience on my 25th birthday with people of all ages sitting around the living room, a tiny cake, and a guy with a bible and a guitar singing for me. I was in awe of what music can bring to a celebration since people here were incredibly shy to sing Feliz Cumpleaños but were so willing to clap and dance to whatever rhythm available.

To add some color to the scene, we bought some fluorescent glossy masks (zorro style) and had folks wear them throughout the celebration. It was such a gift to see the most random folks willingly wearing the mask. I mean, people who are usually serious and shy were asking if I had extra masks. Not to say that everyone was that willing since some folks refused to "be such kids" as they were "too old for that". In any case, it was so hilarious and fun to share masks and take pictures...yeah, let me remind you that this was not necessarily a kid's party.

Speaking of kid's parties, we also had a pinata! I have to say it was a week after my birthday though. In my words, "it was a really ghetto style one." AJ had the brilliant idea to make a piñata out of a balloon. Well, after plastering it with a newspaper and a sugar and flour mix, we let it dry for a few days. The paste did not turn out to be as effective as we hoped for, so we grabbed the roll of duck-tape and tape the hell out of it. It was a fabulous tuck-tape piñata about fifteen layers of grey tape all around it. It was a great idea though since it probably received about 40 hits before it actually tore. There was a line of kids and then some of the adults volunteered to try to knock the candy out of it. I was not to eager to hit it but ended up accepting the challenge. Aj, on the other hand, was more than happy to give it a good hit or two.

Well, so I am veinticinco años now. I don´t know that I feel this old, or young depending how I wanna look at it. I wonder what kind of behaviour I should be expected to have, I mean, I have now begun the aging process of the late twenties. This is the middle point. This is when those grand plans for the adult age are put in practice. Geeeezzzz.
As of now, I will enjoy the rest of the year and go with the flow...

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